Medical Devices

Stryker: “World’s Best Workplaces 2017” #10 !

Stryker invests in the growth of its people in a variety of ways and encourages employees to take control of their development. Through diverse opportunities and exciting professional challenges, Stryker strives to keep its people engaged in their own careers within the organization and promotes internal mobility. Stryker’s talent-based hiring and development practices ensure employees are able 

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Stryker acquires Physio-Control

Everybody at Physio knew this day would come around at some point. 4 years after divestiture from Medtronic, Stryker acquired Physio-Control for 1.28B$. An incredible increase of value for Physio-Control! Bain Capital purchased Physio in 2012 for 487 M$.   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Financial analysts reactions to this news:–PR_343981  

Physio-Control 60th anniversary is almost over..

It all started in 1955. Dr Karl William Edmark founded Physio-Control, a small techmed company based on defibrillation equipment. Very soon the leading brand in the EMS industry. Now 60 years ago. It’s products are still highly demanded and a reference for all competition. 2015 was the 60th anniversary (14th February 1955), a year in 

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